Having covered various categories in outfitting side, our main activity today is definitely interior outfitting works for both Marine new building and Marine refurbishment projects.
Thanks to our long term partners we can offer as well variety of other type of services, like modular design and construction, pontoons construction for floating accommodations, leisure areas and hotel interiors. There is no challenge we can’t take thanks to working together “hand-in-hand” with our trusted partners.

Variety of services for MARINE, OFFSHORE,


Today PRYDWEN is able to provide vast variety of services for above described categories in both for new building and refurbishment projects. We are able to provide full service since project planning until final completion and hand over of the project to end customer.

  • Consultation of client since project planning until end of construction
  • Site inspections and cost calculations
  • Design and Engineering through our long term partners
  • Prefabrication of structures and frames for public spaces, food handling and accommodation areas
    A) Frames for public spaces and other areas (for walls and ceiling paneling)
    B) Steel and stainless steel foundations for furniture’s, food handling areas equipments, and electrical equipments
    C) Coamings for wet rooms and food handling areas
  • Prefabrication of wet units and modular cabins on site (any location in the world) or in our factory in Estonia
  • Background and visible areas outfitting works
    A) STEEL OUTFITTING: installation of supports, coamings, foundations, hangers, cable trays, penetrations, pipe spools, insulation pins, draught stop and B15 framing
    B) INSULATION: fire insulation, thermal insulation, draught stops, B15 screens, pipe insulations (Armaflex, cloth), Maplex mat and aluminium foil installation
    C) PIPING: fresh water pipes (hot, cold, circulation, drainage), welded pipes (steel, galvanized and stainless steel), fitted pipes (drains, black water system, grey water systems, heating and cooling pipes, refrigerant provision, brine cooling system, emergency chilled water/chilled water, CO2 Fire extinguishing system, firefighting, low and high pressure sprinkler systems, cool sea water line, air, overflow and sounding piping, pool water filling and dumping line, steam service and drain system, control air distribution system, air purge type tank level, draft and flooding sensor and tank gauging and flooding detection system
    D) ELECTRICAL: low and high voltage system lights, sockets including PA and smoke detection systems, connecting and installation of visual equipments and commissioning as well as automation works
    E) HVAC: supply and exhaust ducting lines for whole areas, HVAC equipment installation (in HVAC rooms), adjustment and commissioning
  • Visible part interior outfitting works
    A) Walls construction from frames + panel and from paneling system including stainless steel walls for food handling areas
    B) Wallpaper installation for all areas including surface preparations. Wallpapering with Gislaved, Muraspec, Strataflex etc.
    C) Ceiling systems installation including tailor made ceilings used in industry, to suit for public spaces, accommodation and food handling areas
    D) Flooring works: floating floor systems, damping layers, levelling, slopes, underlayment, vinyl, carpeting, skirting, parquet, renewal of floor covering, waterproofing for wet areas including pools. Tiling works for walls, floor and pools
    E) Furniture installation as well as manufacturing through our long term partner. Manufacturing of Marine & Hospitality furniture
    F) Piping, HVAC, electrical: installation of visual equipments, connecting and commissioning/testing
  • Supply of materials since first steelworks until final touch-up materials. 
    Such as but not limited to: steel, stainless steel, insulation, piping, electrical, ducting, interior and electrical materials.
  • Project Management and Supervision of your project.

Emergency Assistance
Prydwen`s vast amount of qualified partners and contacts as well as highly organized employment system allows us to provide within 24-48 hours promptly any type of skilled craftsmen. As addition or in emergency situation, workforce to help in critical and demanding situations. With our team you can be assured to be back in schedule and your situation taken care of.

As a part of our Emergency Assistance and Services we also provide service to have your property repaired or upgraded during its operation so there is no interruption in your planned schedule and you are still able to continue providing services to your client. Our team is able to work hidden from your customers and during the night if needed. Always adopt according to actual need.

Ship or Site inspection.


More and more we offer “prior-project” inspections to our clients, in order for them to have detailed full report and opinion from us about planned project. If you are looking into having refurbishment project any size and seek for third party advice, then we are happy to help with our knowledge and with our partners support.